Our Projects

Our Projects

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Kenya Education Endowment Fund (KEEF)

In 2020 we donated $7,224 to KEEF projects at the Shitirira and Ebulechia primary schools. The funds covered the supply and installation of water storage tanks and water harvesting gutters at both schools, as well as locking cupboards for books and computers and new library shelves at the Ebulechia school. Despite COVID, construction went smoothly and the improvements were completed by September. “The projects came in at the right time when the schools really need water for hand washing as water is now termed as one the essential items for any learning institution,” KEEF reported. The water facilities were installed at the dining halls so students can access water before and after meals. More than 1,100 students are impacted by these renovations.
Since 2010 we’ve donated just over $112,000 to KEEF projects



Canadian Friends of ANIQUEM - CAFA

CAFA’s goal is to improve access to care and rehabilitation of burned children in Peru. It partners with a burn clinic in Lima operated by the Peruvian charity ANIQUEM. In 2020, GC4C donated $4,500 to transport burn victims from all over Peru for treatment at the burn clinic. Although ANIQUEM shut down for two months due to the COVID pandemic, patients visits quickly bounced back, although with mostly local patients.
Since October 2020, the transport program has returned to operation, however it is more expensive to come to the clinic because many long-distance buses are not running. CAFA funds have helped make up the difference.
CAFA also covered the living expenses of some patients who were staying with relatives in Lima when the quarantine hit, stranding them away from immediate families and caregivers.
Upwards of 100,000 Peruvian children each year seek medical attention for burns. As many as 70% of these are scalding injuries, due to primitive cooking conditions. While the kids receive publicly-funded emergency care, rehabilitation and care to prevent scarring is only available at expensive private clinics.
Since 2015, we’ve donated a total of $15,000 to CAFA .

 For more information on Canadian Friends of ANIQUEM: http://www.friendsofaniquem.org


One Girl Can Society

One-Girl-Can is working to improve the health and education of girls in Kenya. Since 2008, One Girl Can has partnered with the Ushirika School, which serves about 650 students in Kibera, a slum neighborhood of one million people in Nairobi.
In 2020, GC4C provided $9,650 to rebuild a students’ library at the Ushirika School, furthering their goals to become doctors, engineers, accountants, and scientists. Many of the girls have university in their sights.
Although the Ushirika School was gradually being updated (GC4C funded construction of a new science lab in 2019), for safety reasons, the government of Kenya ordered immediate reconstruction of the remaining parts of the school in late 2019 or it would face closure.
Since 2017, we’ve donated $29,400 to One Girl Can!


Adop-a Village in Laos (AAVIL)

AAVIL’s primary goal is to provide water and education projects in rural villages of Laos, the most heavily bombed country in the world.

In 2020 we donated $8,000 to Adopt-A-Village for a well that will bring fresh water to taps and toilets at the Ban Bom Secondary School and Orphanage. The funds will pay for a well, water pipes, and connectors, and will support approximately 600 children once the project is complete in early 2021. Ban Bom school is attended by poor students who have one or no parents, or those whose families cannot support them. The labour for the project is to be donated by students and the community.
Since 2016, GC4C has donated almost $22,400 to Adopt-A Village in Laos. The funds were used for

  • a water supply system at Pak Mong Secondary School serving about 500 students. The project included a dam, water tank, taps, and brings water to two handwashing stations and toilets at the school.
  • construction of a two room school for Grades 1 – 5 in the very poor village of Katang Xieng, located in the highlands above Nong Khiaw, Ngoi District, Luang Prabang Province. Total cost of project was $18,000 — GC4C covered $8,000 of the cost, with the remainder raised by Adopt a Village. The school had 35 children before the construction of the additional class rooms.  This number will grow as neighboring villagers, without a school, send their children to this school.
  • Construction of half a class room at the Primary School in the village of Done Sok.  Almost 50 students attend the school, located in a very remote area of Laos. AAVIL matched GC4C’s donation to complete this project.
  • Purchase and transport of 60 school desks for the primary school in the remote village of Ban Xiengda, Laos.

For more information on Adopt a Village In Laos: http://adoptavillageinlaos.wordpress.com

Northern Society for Domestic Peace

The NSDP offers traumatized children counselling programs out of offices in Smithers, Houston, and Hazelton, British Columbia.
In 2020, GC4C granted NSDP $2,590 to replace and upgrade the toys and supplies in the children and youth counselling space in the Houston office. The goal was to outfit the space to make it more comfortable for teen clients, replace old toys, and add more children’s books.
The funds purchased anatomically correct dolls, sand tray and toys, dress clothes, games, and new books. Funds will also cover new storage furniture, which will be purchased in early 2021. Provincial funding covers the cost of staffing NSDP’s programs, but toys and books are purchased through fundraising. More than 50 children per year attend counselling at the Houston office; new books support more than 100 kids per year.
NSDP serves children throughout the Bulkley Valley. In past years, GC4C has funded replacement toys, including culturally-appropriate longhouses, and books in the Smithers and Hazelton offices.
Since 2018, we’ve provided $8,200 to NSDP.

Cameray Child & Family Services

Weighted blankets are a sensory tool that help children focus on their sensory experience, thereby regulating emotions and behaviours.
In 2020, Global Change for Children donated $2,500 to Cameray for the purchase of 11 weighted blankets for child play therapy rooms.
Cameray provides counselling, including expressive art and play therapy, to approximately 600 children per year in Burnaby and New Westminster, British Columbia.
Since 2019, we’ve donated $5,000 to Cameray.


Options Community Services

When the COVID pandemic hit, the Options Sexual Abuse Counselling Centre moved most counselling sessions to a virtual format. This meant children could not access the play therapy toys they would have during in-person counselling.
In 2020, GC4C provided $2,500 for travelling play therapy kits for kids to use in their homes while having virtual therapy sessions. Kits include baby dolls, family figurines, puppets, clay, crayons, sketch books, and more. The materials are an ongoing need for the youngest, most vulnerable clients.
Children use toys as their words during play therapy, Options reports. “The majority of our clients do not have bedrooms full of toys nor do they have the range of toy categories that are typically used in play therapy.” There is an added risk that if children use their own toys during therapy, they may start associating the once-loved toy with their trauma. With funds provided by GC4C, Options stocked 20 Play-Therapy-To-Go Kits.
Options provides counselling to abused children aged 3-18 years old in Surrey, British Columbia.
Since 2012 we’ve donated $28,500 to Options.