Our Projects

Our Projects

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Kenya Education Endowment Fund (KEEF)

KEEF is GC4C’s longest –running partner. KEEF operates in Kenya’s rural Western Province where most families eke out a meager living by subsistence farming. Since 2010, GC4C has partnered with KEEF on numerous infrastructure projects at schools throughout Kakamega County.

In 2018, we donated  $7,400 for a new kitchen and sanitary water tanks at the Ibwali Primary School in Kakamega, serving 470 children. 

In previous years, GC4C funds have gone towards

  • new latrines and a kitchen at the Mukangu Primary School, serving 300 children
  • a new kitchen and library at the Bondeni School
  • a new classroom at the Mwiyala School
  • sponsorship of twelve boys from a remote villages for their four years of secondary education
  • sponsorship of an annual three day life skills workshop for 90 boys; including the purchase of their books, calculators and dictionaries (three years 2010 – 2012)
  • photocopiers, computers and videos for the Mwikhomo Special School for the hearing impaired
  • 250 desks and benches for classrooms at the Rosternan School
  • stoves for Bondeni kitchen
  • upgrading the water system at Mwikhomo School for the hearing impaired
  • new beds and curtains for the boy’s dormitory at the Mwikhomo School for the hearing impaired
  • a new water tower supporting 300 girls at the Kimangeti Girls Secondary School
  • pipes to move water from a well to the dormitory, kitchen and science laboratories at the Koyonzo Boys Secondary School
  • upgrading the cement pathways for wheelchairs at the Daisy Special School for the physically disabled
  • new beds and mosquito nets for children at the Mwikhomo Special School for the hearing impaired

Since 2010 we’ve donated more than $95,000!

For more information on KEEF: http://www.kenyaeducation.org/


Yukon Food for Learning (YFFL)

YFFL, one of GC4C’s longest-standing partners, provides breakfasts, snacks, and lunches to hungry students at several schools in Yukon.  YFFL programs are community based, which means the nutrition programs are responsive to the specific needs of each school.

In 2018, we donated $4,000 to provide students with fresh fruit and vegetables during the morning break, plus a hot lunch, five days a week.

Over the years, our sponsorship has helped meet the nutritional needs of approximately 470 children in five schools, including J.V. Clark School in Mayo, and the Elias Community School in Haines Junction.

Since 2011 we’ve donated $61,000!

For more information on YFFL: http://www.yukonfoodforlearning.ca/


Options Community Services Society, Sexual Abuse Counselling Centre

Options provides counselling to children and youth who are victims of sexual abuse.

In 2018 we donated $4,500 for construction of an outdoor therapeutic healing space, including a pathway, bench, a fence and locking gate, and a fairy garden. The funds also replaced broken toys and restocked art supplies.

In past years our funds have provided

  • neurofeedback headbands for clients to use in meditation and stress reduction
  • new flooring, shelving, paint, and other upgrades to two playrooms and an art therapy room
  • art supplies, games, books and toys
  • new lighting and storage units in two counseling rooms and an art therapy room
  • resource materials for suicide prevention counselors
  • replacements for broken toys, furniture and introduced new materials for therapeutic space
  • therapeutic books and bus tickets for users of the clinic

Since 2012 we’ve donated $30,500!

For more information on OCSS: http://www.scss.ca/counselling/sexual-abuse-counselling-centre


Canadian Friends of ANIQUEM - CAFA

CAFA supports children at the ANIQUEM clinic in Lima, Peru, which specializes in health care facilities and rehabilitation for child burn victims. CAFA’s commitment is to provide services that ANIQUEM cannot otherwise afford to offer but are important to the overall recovery of the burn victims.

In 2018, GC4C donated $2,000 to cover transportation for impoverished child burn victims, and their caregivers, to and from the clinic in Lima. This money supports 700 children over the year.

We have donated funds to CAFA every year since 2015, for a total $9,500!

 For more information on Canadian Friends of ANIQUEM: http://www.friendsofaniquem.org


PLEA Community Services

PLEA delivers community-based social, health, educational, vocational and justice services to children and youth in the Metro Vancouver region.

In 2018, GC4C donated $3,500 to expand a popular photography program, serving about 40 teenagers who are in government care. Funds purchased five digital cameras and accessories, which the teens use in a supervised photography program. 

In past years our funds have provided

  • a home entertainment system in PLEA’s new location in East Vancouver. The location hosts more than 10 programs for at-risk or exploited youth, and
  • new landscaping and yard equipment for Yardworks, a PLEA program that provides work experience and social skills to youth through the running of a small garden maintenance and junk removal business.

Since 2016 we’ve donated $11,500 to PLEA!

For more information on Plea Community Services: www.plea.ca


One Girl Can Society

One Girl Can is a Vancouver-based charity working to enhance the education of girls in Kenya and Uganda.

In 2018, GC4C donated $5,000 to renovate a dormitory at the Mt Kenya school.

The year before, we gave $5,500 for repairs — demolition, paving, roofing, doors, windows and finishings — at the Masinga Girls Secondary School in Kenya. The Masinga school supports 125 students.


imagine1day WE Charity

imagine1day / WE Charity is an organization dedicated to educating children in Ethiopia.

In 2018, we donated $5,000 to establish Reading Corners Mini Libraries in 87 schools across five districts in Ethiopia. The libraries give children a chance to read after class and borrow books for the weekend, thus encouraging a culture of reading in areas where books are rare.

In 2017, we donated $8,700, also to establish Reading Corners.


Adop-a Village in Laos

Laos is the most heavily bombed country in the world.  AAVIL’s primary goal is to provide water and education projects in rural villages of Laos.

We are pleased to sponsor Adopt-a-Village in 2018, donating $8,000 that will build a water supply system at a secondary school serving about 500 students. The project includes a dam, water tank, taps, and will bring water to two handwashing stations and toilets at the school.

Between 2014 and 2016, GC4C donated almost $20,000 to Adopt-a-Village

The funds were used for

  • construction of a two room school for Grades 1 – 5 in the very poor village of Katang Xieng, located in the highlands above Nong Khiaw, Ngoi District, Luang Prabang Province. Total cost of project was $18,000 — GC4C covered $8,000 of the cost, with the remainder raised by Adopt a Village. The school had 35 children before the construction of the additional class rooms.  This number will grow as neighboring villagers, without a school, send their children to this school.
  • Construction of half a class room at the Primary School in the village of Done Sok.  Almost 50 students attend the school, located in a very remote area of Laos. AAVIL matched GC4C’s donation to complete this project.
  • Purchase and transport of 60 school desks for the primary school in the remote village of Ban Xiengda, Laos.

For more information on Adopt a Village In Laos: http://adoptavillageinlaos.wordpress.com

Northern Society for Domestic Peace

The Northern Society for Domestic Peace provides counselling support for children ages 4 to 18 in the Smithers, Houston, and Hazelton areas of British Columbia. Programs are designed for kids who have been exposed to, or have experienced, domestic violence and/or serious family conflict.

In 2018 GC4C donated $3,000 to purchase culturally appropriate toys, including plastic animals, long houses, and drum kits, for older teens to make drums.

For more information, see http://domesticpeace.ca/

The Northern Society for Domestic Peace is a new partner for GC4C in 2018!

Act 2 Child & Family Services

Act 2 provides counselling to child trauma victims in the Tri-Cities area of Metro Vancouver. Approximately 250 children are referred to Act 2 every year by the RCMP. Counselling supports kids who are victims of abuse and others suffering the effects of traumatic events such as violence, family breakup, or the death of a loved one.

In 2018, GC4C gave $3,500 to provide art supplies, shelving, storage, toys and a sand tray in an art room and play therapy room.

Act 2 is a new partner for GC4C in 2018!