How We Operate

The directors of GC4C research eligible Canadian registered charities in order to select those that focus on helping children in need but are not aligned with political, religious or ideological causes. Other important criteria are low administration costs and opportunities to collaborate on specific projects

We also like to partner with established charities with similar values to our own, which include demonstrated and measurable respect, transparency and integrity.

The potential partner must therefore meet the following criteria:

  • Be a registered Canadian non-profit organization;
  • Must be non-partisan;
  • The charity must confirm that 100% of GC4C funding will go directly to the proposed project; and
  • Proposed projects must support children and promote any or all of the following categories:
    • health,
    • education; and
    • social and economic progress of children.

Once a project is selected, GC4C raises funds by organizing various events, with the highlight being an annual Winter Fundraiser held in January, during the AME BC Exploration Roundup and Cambridge House Conference in Vancouver, BC. Money is raised through ticket sales, donated silent auction items, cash donations and corporate sponsorships. Because most of the GC4C team is affiliated with the mineral exploration and mining sector, the foundation draws almost all of its funding from this sector.

The GC4C team is fortunate and grateful to have this kind of support and is committed to the values we espouse and expect from our partners.